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Onsite Course at Mixdown Recording Studios
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The Artist Development program here at Music Production Institute is the industries leading instructional program for aspiring singers and songwriters. The program was designed by the executive staff of MPI and the A&R department of Powerbrokers Music Publishing. Both parties worked in close relation to identify a curriculum that is congruent with the current music industry landscape.

The primary aim of the program is to arm participants with the key skills that are highly valued by many of the music industries leading record executives. Each component of the program is designed to assist artists in developing specific aspects of their musical craft.

During the program, participants will get the opportunity to learn from our highly experienced team of staff who have secured over 15 major record deals throughout their careers. Participants will also get the opportunity to have their musical material recorded, mixed, and mastered by our expert engineers. Contact us today to enroll in New York’s leading artist development program.


Module 1: Music Business Mentoring

Module Overview:

The single most important thing to remember prior to pursuing a career as a performing artist is that the music industry is a serious business with various facets. This component of the program outlines many of the important aspects of music business management. Here, students will learn about intellectual copyright, recording contracts, publishing deals, marketing and branding. The primary aim is to ensure that students are given all of the important knowledge needed for handling the business aspects of their career.

MBM 01: Intellectual Property
MBM 02: Copyright Law
MBM 03: Contracts
MBM 04: Marketing & Branding
MBM 05: Web Commerce & Social Media

Module 2: Instrument Lessons

Module Overview:

The ability to play a musical instrument is an advantageous asset to any aspiring artist. Not only does it provide them with a means for translating their creative ideas into musical compositions, it also adds an extra dimension to their artistry by becoming an extension of their musical persona. Here at MPI we employ expert instrumentalists who can teach you to play any instrument of your choice to an advanced level.

INL 01: Tuning
INL 02: Key Signatures
INL 03: Major & Minor Scales
INL 04: Chord Structures
INL 05: Chord Progressions

Module 3: Vocal Coaching

Module Overview:

Most Artist Development mentors who work in the music business agree that vocal coaching is an essential practice. Even established artists regularly utilize vocal coaches in order to maintain and even further improve their singing ability. It is essentially what separates good singers from truly great singers. Here at MPI we’ll help you improve as a singer by building on your existing vocal strengths and improving your weaknesses. We will help you extend your vocal range, guide you on breathing, and hone your delivery to ensure that you reach your full singing potential.

VOC 01: Breathing Exercises
VOC 02: Diction
VOC 03: Detail
VOC 04: Delivery
VOC 05: Expression

Module 4: Creative Direction

Module Overview:

This aspect of artist development focuses on helping artists to hone their skills as writers by guiding them on the compositional techniques associated with various musical genres. It encourages them to explore song writing in new and creative ways so that they can begin identifying and carving out their own niche as artists. It also helps artist to further refine their creative niche by helping them understand where they fit within the current commercial music market.

CRD 01: Lyric Writing
CRD 02: Music Styles & Structures
CRD 03: Song Composition
CRD 04: Melody & Harmony
CRD 05: Instrumentation & Production

Module 5: Studio Etiquette

Module Overview:

Recording studios can often be a daunting place for people taking their first steps towards making that first hit record. The sight of racks of equipment and rows of buttons surrounding them can often take them out of their comfort zone. And as any recording professional will tell you, the artist needs to be fully at ease before they can deliver their best sounding performance. Here at MPI we will give you an overview of how the recording process works, so you can gain the reassurance to participate in the creative recording process with confidence.

STE 01: Microphones
STE 02: Pro Tools
STE 03: Outboard Effects
STE 04: Mixing
STE 05: Post Production

Module 6: Songwriting Workshop

Module Overview:

New York’s premier songwriting workshop welcomes all musicians & writers wishing to hone their musical craft as composers and writers. It is open to participants with backgrounds across a wide range of musical styles and genre’s. It serves as an open collaborative environment where participants are encouraged to perform and openly discuss various aspects of their music with their contemporary peers.

SWW 01: Introduction
SWW 02: Verses
SWW 03: Chorus
SWW 04: Bridge
SWW 05: Voice Development

Module 7: Intern Apprenticeship

Module Overview:

Upon completion of this course students are offered the unique opportunity to work as an intern from inside our world class studio. They will see what it’s like to gain invaluable experience in a professional environment, working with various artists and engineers. Interns will have the training they need to peruse their career with a wide range of experience such as insight into the daily workings of the studio, meetings, booking, and managerial skills. Our apprenticeship provides interns with real world practice while being surrounded by industry professionals.

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