About PUCKER B (Ken Goldfeder)

Not satisfied with simply helping others to create great music, Ken Goldfeder (aka. Pucker Brown @thepuckerb) has been involved in composition and production with some highly acclaimed work for the past 25 year which has led him into the demanding world of TV films, soundtracks and major commercial record production.  His successes in this area include composing music for SoMeta’s VR Cartoon Nightmara (available only on OculusTV), Jonathan Blank’s feature film Anarchy TV, as well as America’s Most Wanted, General Hospital, All My Children, Facebook (Meta) and Ridley Scott’s Brandywine Productions.
As a Pro Tools and Cubase Specialist, he is both certified in music and audio for Film Production.  His audio career includes touring live sound, recording, mixing and mastering as well as music production and advanced sound synthesis.
When he’s not touring or working as a composer, Ken is much in demand as a session musician (Keys, Guitar, Bass, Drums), arranger, Producer and Audio Engineer.  He has been a certified Pro Tools and audio engineer since 2000 and the head instructor at MPI since 2012. He has the experience and devotion to the world of music production and audio engineering which makes him a perfect fit for MPI.  He has worked with producers and artists such as Flood, Trent Rezner, Madonna (Bedtime Stories), ASAP Ty, Young Syrup, Popperazzi Po just to name a few.
Ken is a consummate musician and an uninhibited performer, totally at ease in any musical idiom. He deals equally effortlessly with conducting an orchestra or programming for a modern pop session. Some of his credits include Sony Records, Interscope Records, Amira, Primitive Puppet, ABC Television, Lina Dutches and Facebook.
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