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Module 1: Pre-Production

Module Overview:

This introductory module details the format necessary for writing a music, video and television script. Students are guided in developing their vision and presenting a script in a clear and concise manner. A script that is accessible to the entire crew and actors. Students are taught how to draw a storyboard as a method of depicting a scene. Storyboards are an imperative tool in film and music as they demonstrate precisely what a scene will need to look like. Students will get an overview on the importance of a budget and how to create a budget that is effective and efficient in gaining the best possible result for your project. Composing a business plan for your project is another field that will be explored in this module. Students will comprehend the compulsory need for developing a business plan. This module concludes with location scouting, determining how to select the ideal location for your project; scenery, in a studio. There are several factors that need to be taken into consideration when deciding on a location; the module will show student factors involved in determining the most ideal location for their project.

PRP 01: Screenwriting
PRP 02: Treatments
PRP 03: Storyboard
PRP 04: Financing
PRP 05: Logistics
PRP 06: Crew Management
PRP 07: Planning
PRP 08: Location Scouting

Module 2: Production

Module Overview:

This module explores the various cameras available and the camera function. Students will be able to conceive which camera is optimal for their specific project. Students will be provided with an understanding of shutter speeds, static and movement, and the importance of these features when filming a project. Lighting is another field students will establish a thorough understanding of. Understanding light is imperative to developing a project; students must ensure lighting is controlled in a shot. Lighting can ultimately enhance or devastate a shot, thus lighting is crucial in any music, film or television project. Students will get an insight into lighting elements; three-point lighting, four-point lighting and back lighting. Students are directed on the use of background lighting and how to use background lighting as a means of enhancing a shot. This module also covers the significance of sound, as sound is often used to depict a picture and evoke a feeling or mood from the audience. Students will learn the influence sound can have on a project. License and permits are another factor that students will need to grasp, understanding regulations when filming is essential, the consequence for not following regulations can be detrimental. To conclude this module, students will be coached on directing a film, video or television.

PRD 01: Licensing
PRD 02: Permits
PRD 03: Camera System
PRD 04: Camera Technique
PRD 05: Lighting
PRD 06: Sound
PRD 07: Cinematography
PRD 08: Directing

Module 3: Post-Production

Module Overview:

In this final module, students will gain an understanding of video editing and the techniques required to edit accurately. Students will gain a thorough understanding of the precise method of capturing and transferring footage. Students are shown various effects that can be added to your project; transition effects, motion graphics, titles and visual arts. The benefits of sound and audio will be made abundantly clear; the audio of post-production video will reinforce and compliment what is being displayed in the shot. Students will become proficient in color correction. Color correction is crucial in the final stages of video editing; the video must be colored precisely. In the final stages of this module, students are taught how to encode, output video, and how to deliver the final project. There are numerous formats available for downloading and streaming a video. Students will be able to accurately determine what format they need for their project, depending on what the project will be used for.

PPD 01: Video Editing
PPD 02: Title, Graphics and Visual
PPD 03: Trimming Techniques
PPD 04: Capturing and Transferring Footage
PPD 05: Transition Effects and Visual Effects
PPD 06: Audio Post-Production, Sound Effects and ADR
PPD 07: Outputting and Encoding
PPD 08: Color Correction, Project Finalizing and Deliverables

Module 4: Intern Apprenticeship

Module Overview:

Upon completion of this course students are offered the unique opportunity to work as an intern from inside our world class studio. They will see what it’s like to gain invaluable experience in a professional environment, working with various artists and engineers. Interns will have the training they need to pursue their career with a wide range of experience such as insight into the daily workings of the studio, meetings, booking, and managerial skills. Our apprenticeship provides interns with real world practice while being surrounded by industry professionals.

INT 01: Studio Internship

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