Student Experience

At the Music Production Institute, New York, in order to give you the best possible experience, we provide a tailored course of instruction to suit the needs and ambitions of every student. Because of our intensive course scheduling, our course packages are more affordable than those currently available at other institutions. We keep our pricing fair and competitive to ensure that you receive the best possible education. Our teaching approach provides a more hands-on and practical approach. Other institutions will sit you down in a classroom. We teach you in the only place the matters: the studio. Students will get the opportunity to engage directly with the relevant technologies that they wish to learn. Additionally, we will not teach you outdated concepts. We are now in the digital age of music production and our top of the line technology is the best place to learn new techniques. Our facility houses a state of the art, acoustically treated recording studio complete with the best equipment that the pro audio industry has to offer. Our course instructors have all of the required academic qualifications, along with many years of experience within the pro audio and music industry.

Here at the Music Production Institute, New York, we want to ensure that you actually learn the content, as opposed to simply hearing it. Students will receive clear and concise instruction from our expert course instructors to ensure that they understand all of the course material. The studio isn’t just for learning though. Students are encouraged to produce their own musical material throughout the duration of their time at MPI. Finally, you will get the opportunity to meet and interact with our commercial client base, which includes some of the industry’s top talent. Here at the Music Production Institute, New York, it is our goal to make sure that you succeed.

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