Music Publishing

Here at the Music Production Institute, New York, not only do we endeavor to provide members with a platform for excelling at their talent, we also provide them with the opportunity to succeed in their pursuit of a career in the music industry. We do this by referring members who possess a real talent for music production to our associates at Powerbrokers Music Publishing. Music publishers are responsible for the songwriter’s and composer’s payments and ensure that their clients are compensated when their compositions are used commercially. A songwriter will assign the copyright to a composition to the publishing company, so that the composition can be licensed for use in a variety of commercial medias. The publishing company then collects the royalties on behalf of their clients and distributes them accordingly. Have you ever wanted to hear you songs in video games, movies, television, or even on the radio? Then a publishing deal is the first place to start. As your publisher, our associates at Powerbrokers Music Publishing would insure that you receive all of the compensation you are entitled to.

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