Microphones Modules

Microphones Modules

This module focuses on establishing a firm understanding of the various types of microphones used in professional audio recording. Students are guided on microphone functionality and how to determine which models best suit specific recording applications. This includes an analysis of frequency response and directional pick up patterns. The module concludes with an overview of preamplifiers as well as mono and stereo recording techniques.



MIC 01: Introduction to Microphones
MIC 02: Microphone Functionality
MIC 03: Microphone Types
MIC 04: Directional Response
MIC 05: Frequency Response
MIC 06: Gain Staging
MIC 07: Interfacing with Preamplifiers
MIC 08: Gain Trimming & High Pass Filtering
MIC 09: Microphone Placement
MIC 10: Mono / Stereo Recording Techniques

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